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Your First Visit

New patient filling out paperwork

When you first arrive there will be some brief paperwork to complete.

It can be a little intimidating to come to a doctor’s office for the first visit, so lets go over what will happen.

You will be greeted by our front desk staff, sign in, and asked to sit down while we bring you our initial paperwork. There is usually about 5 to 6 pages to look over and fill out. Don’t be concerned, most of these just need to be read and then signed.

When you have completed your initial forms, you will be escorted to the consultation/exam room and Dr. Baker will meet you and begin your consultation. Based on that consultation, Dr. Baker will determine what type of exam to perform.

The exam findings will help Dr. Baker determine what x-rays may be needed. We will then refer you to the appropriate x-ray facility to have your x-rays taken. This is great because we will have a medical radiologist read your films and then Dr. Baker will be able to do a chiropractic analysis also. The x-ray clinic will bring the films over to us or you can do that.

We will schedule you for a Report of Findings on your next visit. This all takes about 45 minutes to an hour, so plan accordingly.

Patients appreciate that we explain everything in advance! Don’t wait! Contact Baker Chiropractic today to get started with care.